How Do I Write My Final Exam?

You need to arrange your final exam 10 days in advance, and you need to have finished and submitted all coursework before you take the exam.

Please be advised that once the exam is written, any outstanding coursework will be given a grade of zero. Please ensure that you have submitted all coursework before writing the final exam.

You have three options for taking the exam; 

Option 1: Take it at a Blyth Academy Campus

If you live close to a Blyth Academy Campus, or if you attend a Blyth Academy Campus, you can take your exam there.

Use this link to schedule your exam. 

Once inside the exam scheduling interface, please click Login/Create Account. Check for an available time and date at the campus of your choosing. The earliest available date will be open in the next 3-5 business days. You cannot book an exam in more than one campus or multiple times at the same campus. You will receive an automatic confirmation email with next steps and exam information. You can cancel and reschedule anytime using the same link.

Option 2: Arrange Your Own Proctor

If you want to arrange a proctor yourself, you can do that. The proctor will need to be approved by us and will need to supervise the exam at his or her place of work, or at a public place such as a library. Some libraries and study centres offer this service themselves.

The proctor must be approved by us and must be a working professional (eg teacher, doctor, businessperson, and must provide a work email address for correspondence (no Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)

*Please note that students cannot arrange their own proctor for Math and Science courses in grades 11 and 12.

Use this link to schedule your exam.

Once inside the exam scheduling interface, please click Login/Create Account. Select Arranging My Own Proctor and proceed to schedule your exam.

Option 3: Use Examity Proctoring Service

For a fee of 22 USD*, students can arrange to take their exam in the comfort of their own home, at any time, on any day. Please select Examity Exam in the exam section of your course to set up your Examity profile and schedule your exam. Exams must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

*Price is subject to change


Please email if you need assistance.

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