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Important OUAC Deadline: June 17th

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Important OUAC Deadline: June 17th
by Nathan Bishop - Thursday, 23 May 2019, 3:04 PM

June 17th is the deadline to submit all work and write exams for students that would like their Blyth Academy Online course to show on their OUAC profiles in time for the July 11th deadline (set by OUAC). It is recommended that students complete courses by this deadline in order to be given equal consideration against other applicants. Blyth Academy Online will still send final grades to OUAC beyond June 17th, however, we cannot guarantee they will be showing on OUAC profiles by July 11th. 

Students approaching graduation: Depending on when your home school needs to see evidence of your completed Blyth Academy Online course, you will likely need to complete your course prior to June 17th. We recommend you discuss this with your home school to determine the latest date they would be willing to accept your report card by and then write your exam at least 10 business days prior to this date in order to allow time for grading, processing, and mailing. If you need to make special arrangements for a courier or emailed report card, please do so by contacting

Please remember that all OUAC requests must be communicated via the Post-Secondary Transmission Form found here.