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Check Your OUAC Account for Accuracy!

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Check Your OUAC Account for Accuracy!
by Nathan Bishop - Wednesday, 13 February 2019, 11:07 AM

It is important for students to check their OUAC accounts regularly to ensure that their courses are appearing, particularly during the month of February. At this time of year, OUAC will remove courses without a midterm or final grade from student accounts if a grade has yet to be posted due to the method in which they process grades. For example, if your OUAC account had previously shown that you were enrolled in a Blyth Academy Online course, but you have not reached midterm or final yet, OUAC will likely erase your enrollment in that course and your account will no longer show that you are taking this course.

This is a regular occurrence every year, so students should not be alarmed. Students should get in touch with Blyth Academy Online if they happen to notice that there are Blyth Academy Online courses missing from their OUAC account. Please let us know by contacting and we will re-send your course enrollment information to OUAC immediately.

We understand that this is not ideal, however, this is a process on OUAC's side that we cannot change. This is why it is extremely important that students check their OUAC account regularly for accuracy.